Testimonials – What Our Customers Have to Say About CFC

I am glad I have found Cargo From China company. They got me good express price, the communication was smooth and fast and my shipment was delivered without any hassle from my side.

—Robertas J., Lithuania

Thank you so much. Excellent service and reasonable price. In the future I will always use “Cargo From China” and I will highly recommend you to all our associates.

—Richard H., Thailand

I really feel Cargo from China is reliable, efficient and extremely informative. I really value companies that make an effort to answer you very promptly and with detailed answers so you can understand everything that’s going on. This company does that. CFC has done an outstanding job in delivering my goods on a timely manner and has provided great value for the price charges for their service. I originally tested them out on small shipments of only 500 units of soft goods to USA, but now I’m moving into 4000 units of hard goods as they have demonstrated to me that they can handle my goods professionally. I have high confidence in this company and would recommend this company to anyone whom is seeking to have professional freight forwarding from China and abroad.

—Allen L., Canada

I found your site earlier and wanted to let you know that the information you have provided is the best I found so far. Very clear and helpful in explaining international shipping options. And of course, eveything goes well with our following shipments. I will stick to you guys.

—David K., USA

Dear Cargo From China, I wanted to write a positive note regarding your service. I appreciate not only the service of shipping our product to us in a timely manor, but also your ability to communicate quickly and thoroughly with us. I would no doubt recommend your service to anyone looking for a dependable shipper like yourselves. Thank you

—Tyler F., USA

I have read all the information given in your site. Thank you for your valuable information, specially like me guys who are starting newly international trade. My first two orders had arrived. Will get back to you with bigger order soon.

—Madhu T., Romania

We used to work with local broker here. CFC’s rate is more competitive, and they can be all-in-one logistics provider. It’s amazing.

—Bill B., USA

We have been working with CFC for three years. Sometimes full container, sometimes LCL, they have NOT ever let us down. Now we are growing rapidly. Let’s work together for the next three years.

—Nicholas F., Malta

If you want to get more control about your shipments, and save more cost, Cargo From China is a so good choice.

—Cavan L., Canada

I feel like CFC is working just for us. No matter what time is, there always be a real instant response. Thank you for taking good care of our shipments. Cheers.

—Jan S., Australia

We are very impressed with your website and good info. It has the most informative I’ve found. I’ve been reading your posts and have really learned a lot in regards of shipments from China.

—Darren R., Canada

Please excuse my ignorance in not thanking you for the terrific job you did for us. Every single piece arrived, 7500 miles, and not a single piece broken or missing. Every date was met and your communication was outstanding. I couldn’t have picked a better company or person to walk us through the whole process and the cost savings were an unexpected surprise. Not only will I recommend you and your company to others but this enterprise was so successful. Thank you so very very much.

—Raymond H., USA

We just want to thank you so much for your patience with us in this shipping process. All of the decks have arrived safely to us and we are so happy with how they were packaged and handled! They arrived so quickly! We will be posting on the Cargo From China website that your service was great! You were very accommodating to us and our situation. We will definitely recommend your shipping company to others who may require this service to Canada!

—Tony L., Canada

Shipment arrived today at my location. I am very pleased with your service and wanted to let you know personally. Thank you for arranging everything and it having it go smoothly. I will be placing another order with my supplier and continuing to work with you for logistics.

—Jerry D., UK

Your articles are magnificently helpful. Thank you so much for posting such needful literature. No doubt our shipments go smoothly. Hope you flourish and do good in the future.

—Ameya O., Italy

Thank you for your support and for your great communication showed in our orders with your company.

—Ionela S., USA

Thank you! I received it last night finally. It has been great working with you. I will definitely choose CFC again.

—Jonathan L., USA

I found your web site while researching logistics and it is very good and informative. Thank you for your help for my e-commerce business.

—Barry H., Germany

We are verry impressed with your website and good info. Start-up like us found you CFC luckily.

—Abdel A., France

It took almost 4 hours for me to read and \”understand\” almost all of your post\’s which by the way i found really interesting and educative

—Ioannis K., USA

You have taken great care of me with all my overseas shipments, so I will continue to come back.

—Aaron C., USA

I have to admit, you make shipping feel like magic.

—Calder L., USA

I have the shipment….way to go….you did it….easy for you huh….lol….anyway thank you so much for your honesty and patience with me…..we now have relationship and that is important to me. Also I will use you again in the future
and will send others to you…..I am a small importer but I am sure we will talk again…so again thank you…

—Daniel O., Canada

Yes goods arrived today safe and sound. Many thanks for all your assistance throughout.
Will need your good service in the future.

—Ken G., Australia

Everything was well recieved. Thank you for everything it was much appreciated.

—Adam A., Germany

Good day. I just thought I would send you an email to thank you for being the most seamless and efficient shipping provider we have used so far! We will definitely be using you for all our shipments.

—Loni K., Canada

Thank you for your great help!
Very glad to work with you for our China cargo shipments.

—Camilo S., France

I knew you had it under control…. You guys seem to be on point. Which I like. So glad I found CFC……and you!!

—Stephanie G., Brazil

Much appreciate your help. Look forward to work with you for our next shipment our team member as requested.

—Manjunath A., Spain

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My machine arrived in good order and I am happy with CFC's shipping arrangements. I received quotes from other forwarding companies but they kept changing the amounts. Your quote was exact and there were no hidden charges. I would be happy to recommend CFC to other importers of goods from China.

--- Chris G., Canada
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