Chinese Companies & Suppliers Verification Service

Finding the right supplier is not an easy task, especially at the very beginning.

Quite a few potential importers come to us to see if we have a solution to verify the vendor. They want to proceed purchasing, but not sure. They know they can benefit from China importing. Just stuck.

Also we heard many stories of importers partnering up with a supplier who eventually couldn’t deliver the product, or even worse, disappear forever.

Prevention is better than cure. There should be an easy way to minimize the risk – “payment risk” & “fraud risk”, and protect your business. Of course, with an affordable price if possible.

Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Here introduce CFC’s authentication service: Supplier Verification Report.

Our Chinese company verification service offer an efficient way to confirm background details of suppliers, vendors, manufacturers, and trading companies. The purpose of the service is to help buyers verify the identity & background information before making payments to sellers or entering into contracts & ensure them are genuine.

And the price. Not $199, $299…, only $99 per report (one company check).

No extra fee or monthly fee.

The report will sent to you in 24 hours.

Included in this Report

1. Official Registration Details

  • Company Name
  • Operation Status
  • Business Scope
  • Registration Number
  • Registered Address
  • Registered Capital
  • Date of Establishment
  • Contact Phone & Mail

2. Judicial Risk

  • Law Enforcement Cases
  • Administrative Penalties
  • Abnormal Business Operations

3. Web Reputation

4. Customs Data

5. Certification and Accreditation

6. Conclusion

And more…

Why CFC’s Verification?

  • ✔ Make sure Mainland China company is legally registered
  • ✔ Undercover due diligence to minimize the trade risk
  • ✔ Fast guaranteed 24 hours turnaround

Not sending the products, lack of proper certificates, sending sand or trash in containers, and fake accounts on B2B online platforms are just some of the examples of frauds.

There is a large number of “fly-by-night” companies and fraudulent individuals claiming to be legitimate suppliers. These unscrupulous companies give you nothing, except for a very bad taste for Chinese business practices and a loss of your investment.

CFC has been in the freight industry for almost 20 years, and working with thousands of vendors. Meaning we are on the ground, deal with suppliers and factories on a daily basis. By choosing CFC, you’re in the hands of experts. You’ll get safer, better business. Peace of Mind!

We will steer you away from the pretenders and help you distinguish the real, quality manufacturers here in China.

Our Content

Our reports provide comprehensive Chinese business information, help you to understand your potential clients & suppliers better which can provide you peace of mind for your future business transactions and an informed advantage before entering into negotiations & partnerships.

Please note all reports are manually researched and verified using live information sources, not automatically generated.

We check government databases as well as other resources to ensure the supplier is legitimate and is what they say. For example, the report will tell you whether a supplier is a trader or manufacturer (an important issue as most suppliers on B2B Platforms claim to be manufacturers when in fact many of them are traders).

We also check how long they have been in business, what products they are licensed to manufacture and other key accurate information that allows you to make an informed decision.

We also know how to verify their previous track record of fraud and check references before you move forward and send them any money.

Verification and background check service can protect you from online scammers and pretenders who seem to be everywhere online. You’d better ensure that the company being dealt with is genuine, physically exists where it claims to be, is registered with the relevant government organization.

Due diligence is necessary. We can protect you by confirming and verifying any company or supplier in China before you sign contracts or make payments. Think of it as your personal insurance policy against fraud and deception.

Our Price

For the best protection, you can visit the factory by yourself and have a face-to-face meeting. But if it’s an order of $2,000, we can imagine it’s not worth the time.

We know 3rd sourcing companies have similar service with the price range from $199-$399. Bigger inspection and examination companies such as SGS cost from $800 or higher with onsite check.

We set the price per report as $99 is the best we can do to help you start. While we are more experienced and fast with more up to date fresh data.

No sign-up required. No monthly fees and no contract – pay as you go.

Our report will save you time and effort gathering company objective information, reduce risks trading with an unknown or unfamiliar Chinese business and most importantly, give you peace of mind for your future business transactions and an informed advantage before entering into negotiations & partnerships.

Clients worldwide trust us to enhance their importing business decision making and risk management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to verify a supplier?

Before you invest both time and money in a supplier, you need to know if they are qualified. A Supplier Verification Report gives can help you answer the following questions about a supplier:

  1. Is the supplier a factory or trading company?
  2. Do they have any customer references?
  3. How long have they been established?
  4. Do they have experience manufacturing your products?
  5. Do they have social compliance certification and/or audit reports?
  6. Are they ISO 9001 certified?
  7. What is the general risk level for this supplier?

While this verification is not a substitute or replacement for quality inspections, it can help you weed out low-end suppliers, scammers or trading companies.

The document facilitates a safer commerce environment by providing the necessary data to assist you in performing a more comprehensive company evaluation & risk analysis before the trade.

Assuming the supplier is good, do you guarantee that we will avoid scams, quality issues or compliance issues?

No. The report is not a guarantee, insurance or ‘approval’ in any sense. It’s only a first step of the process to decide whether the supplier is worth to spend more time on. In case neglect on our side can be proven, we only compensate by refunding the amount paid for the service.

We always suggest buy from small orders.

What should I do after checked your report?

After receiving the report, you will know if the verified company exists, if it has been involved in fraud before, how big it is, who owns it, and many more pieces of critical information. Now, you can make decision based on solid data, not on emotion.

Where does the information come from?

We identify and verify companies using information from a range of official government sources and third party databases. More importantly, we also provide the final thoughts based on our years experience.

How long is the verification valid for?

Strictly speaking our verification is confirmed only at the time of research. But if it’s good in the past years, it should be good in your case.

Will the Chinese company know they’ve been checked?

No. It’s completely anonymous. Commercially sensitive information about our clients is our absolute priority. We conduct our research in a very discreet manner and the Chinese company will not be contacted or notified. You’ll get unbiased, independent information.

I use, and Alibaba provide detailed suppleir information. Why still need CFC’s?

Order payment made through can be trusted, but such seller information is often unreliable.

Alibaba charges each supplier at least $5,000 each year (this does not include any promotion fees), and its sales staff’s commission is very high. That gives them a strong incentive to help suppliers make fraud.

Can I pay with my Visa or Mastercard?

Yes, we offer credit card payments through PayPal. You can order as an individual. Also there are no hidden fees or monthly fee. You pay as you go.

How to proceed buying the report?

Simply complete the form below. Then a PayPal link will be provided for you to pay. You can pay via PayPal or with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account. After payment done, the report will be sent to your email in 24 hours.

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Supplier Verification

Check your potential suppliers in China – get the verification report in 24 hours. Protect your business, avoid scams and frauds.

My machine arrived in good order and I am happy with CFC's shipping arrangements. I received quotes from other forwarding companies but they kept changing the amounts. Your quote was exact and there were no hidden charges. I would be happy to recommend CFC to other importers of goods from China.

--- Chris G., Canada
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