Why You Should Find a Local Freight Forwarder in China?

As a buyer, when imports from China, we all know that finding a freight broker nearby or in your country is much easier, and a few of them could handle your goods delivery from China as well.

Yes , it’s true. But you may have a better solution to consider, which is finding a local freight forwarder in China.

Here this post will show you what are the benefits and reasons that your business be more successful in the long run working with a local cargo agent like CFC.

1. Cheaper.

Cheaper will be the first reason as the same as you choose products Made-in-China. The lower labor cost, lower exchange rate, lower expenses and other factors, make Chinese forwarders’ charge much cheaper, not only the shipping rates, but also other handling fees.

The situation here allows them to work out the best pricing based on your specific logistics needs. And this translates to bigger profit margins for buyers, or can be able to sell at more competitive prices.

Please note that most international freight forwarders with operations in China will use a local logistics or forwarding company because of their lower costs and local knowledge, which means the shipping agents in your country cannot handle China shipments directly.

2. Agility.

It’s really necessary for freight forwarders adjusting their operations quickly to better suit your needs and also offer flexibility in how to handle your shipments.

Multinational cargo forwarders are stuck with using their own overseas office to move your shipments, which sometimes is not the best option because their allied office may not have the expertise that’s just right for you. This means they do not have the ability to switch service providers or improve their level of service, if there is a problem.

You’d better find the one that big enough to manage all your shipping needs, and small enough to care about YOU.

3. Personalized Service and Customer Attention.

Because you are dealing with one or two individuals in an office of an independent that will manage your entire logistics operation, independent local forwarders offer a more intimate, one-to-one relationship that can help improve your operations as they become more familiar with your operations and needs.

They can also empathize with your daily stresses as you are not just a number for them and can pay more attention to your problems and come up with a solution quickly.

4. Operational Efficiency and Flexibility.

There are a lot of paperwork and administration, logistics, timings, time differences, currency, language barriers and strict import, export and customs procedures to consider. And every country will have different regulations that have to be fully understood and met by the international freight provider to ensure safe and speedy delivery of goods.

Local agents have many more choices in selecting the best routing, carrier, price combination. They also can more easily adapt and change their operations to cater directly towards you – the importer.

The likelihood that an independent does everything in their power to resolve an issue is much higher than a multinational, which probably has too many problems to try and help you with a sense of urgency.

For example, CFC can optimize your global transportation on the following aspects:

  • Shipping method – courier, air, ocean, or rail comparison for each specific shipment
  • Carrier – Choose the most suitable shipping lines or airlines
  • Route – Maximize route cost savings
  • LCL optimization – Consolidate smaller shipments into larger cost-effective ones
  • Others – paper work, customs, packing, insurance, inland trucking and more

A Local China Freight Forwarder – CFC

Transportation deals with the mobility of passengers and freight, while logistics focuses on organizing the different components of this mobility, such as the booking of transportation services, and the packaging and storage of goods.

As a third-party logistics (3PL) company, we know we are not the cheapest.

Cheapest is not the best thing in the transportation industry. Leave it to the pros to find you the most suitable logistics solution which balanced speed and economy.

When we are approached and requested to proceed, we get information about the products and shipping data, then make a determination about what is the most cost-effective method to ship to your home country or other destinations.

More importantly, CFC which focused on cargo ship and supply chain sees you as a partner, rather than a number on the monthly sales report.

We are professional and working hard. Not only doing a great deal of traveling to inspect warehouses and processing facilities, to meet critical figures in a partner company, and to personally supervise tricky loads of materials, but also obtaining an encyclopedic knowledge of routes, variable options, standard rates and charges, and specialty shipping services.

We are not only local, but global, no matter you are in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and anywhere else. Come and name your logistics requirement, then totally leave it to us. Your shipment will be arriving safe and on time, with a very competitive cost.

Value-added forwarding services

  • Warehousing: We provide storage space for your goods.
  • Inland Truck: We can collect your goods from your vendors.
  • Consolidation: We offer consolidation services for our clients. Once all the commodities are grouped together at our warehouse, we can send out to you together, rather than sending them one by one.
  • Customs Declarations: Getting through customs quickly and efficiently is a competitive advantage. Based on the long-term good relationship with the customs and the inspection and quarantine administration, we are capable to provide clients with the quickest customs declaration and inspection service to meet various demands of all our clients.
  • Insurance: We can entrust customers for the import and export of goods related to transport your insurance. And the insurance claims faster, reflects timely.

A qualified China freight forwarder will find the most economical route and fastest route for your shipment.

If you are on a budget they will know how to send your belongings within that budget. If money is not an main object, then they will find the exact kind of carriers you want so that your good arrive exactly when and where you want them.

Picking the right freight agent will help your company focus on its core competency. The right forwarding broker should be experienced enough to balance your company’s operational, speed, shipping cost, and improve the supply chain management.

Wrapping up

Let’s put it together.

Sometimes there is no one better than you, yourself to make sure that you get exactly what you want. Other times, you should choose to or have to use someone else to really get the best. We have a rough idea shown in the following table for your reference.

Which party handles your shippingCostServiceProfessionalEfficiency and Flexibility
Local China forwarderCheapestBestYesYes (very)
Forwarder in your countryCheaperBetterYesNo
Multinational forwarderCheapGoodYesNo
Your supplierCheapBetterNoYes

A leading local forwarder can set you up and take care of all your needs, whether you are a first timer or a seasoned professional. Just do your research and find someone that fits with your business plan.

CFC knows you have more important work to do. An importer has to focus along with the supplier on the quality of the product, the pricing and the availability only from this side. We suggest buy FOB and choose us as your shipping partner, which will definitely save you both time and money.

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My machine arrived in good order and I am happy with CFC's shipping arrangements. I received quotes from other forwarding companies but they kept changing the amounts. Your quote was exact and there were no hidden charges. I would be happy to recommend CFC to other importers of goods from China.

--- Chris G., Canada
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