Shipping from China to Chile: Customs, Cost, Transit Time and More [2024]

Chile is known for its diverse landscapes and strong economy. Chile officially joined China’s “Belt and Road” initiative in 2018. For many years, China has been Chile’s largest exporter and largest importer.

shipping to chile from china

When it comes to shipping to Chile from China, understanding the intricacies in advance can make all the difference. In this guide, we will explore the ins and outs of importing into Chile.

Chile Customs Duty (0%) and Tax (19%)

Chile’s customs duty, or import tariff, is generally 6%. However, as Chile has an extended network of free trade agreements (FTAs), zero-rate customs duties for made-in-china porducts are available.

Certificados de Origen

Chile has signed a great number of trade agreements with third countries, which makes its economy one of the most open for free trade. With the Certificate of Origin Form for China-Chile FTA, all trade between China and Chile are duty-free (i.e. zero tariff).

If Chilean importers do not provide a certificate of origin when importing goods from China, but the goods do comply with the rules of origin, they can request a refund within one year of the goods being imported. Contact CFC to issue your own CO to benefit from the FTA.

Additionally, all imports are subject to the same 19% Value Added Tax (IVA) imposed on domestic goods.

There are different customs aspects to every freight shipment. Each shipment requires a number of documents. By working with CFC, we can easily and inexpensively draw up the required documents. This way you are always assured that all necessary documents are present to avoid unnecessary delays.

Sea Freight from China to Chile

Importing goods to Chile, whether it is for the first time, or on a regular basis, can be a challenging experience. There are many elements to consider when shipping to Chile.

Ocean shipping services is ideal for: Commercial goods, personal effects, household items, vehicles, machineries, heavy and oversized loads, etc.

Advantages of FCL/LCL shipping service to Chile:

  • Ocean freight rates are competitive.
  • You can deliver all kinds of transportable cargo.
  • Containers have good storage capacity.
  • Streamlined procedures for exports and imports in Chile
  • Trip frequency & schedule options with transhipments.

Top Container Ports in Chile

Seaports have a very active role in the development of trade operations in Chile. Facing the Pacific Ocean on its western border, it has over 70 deep seaports and harbours which handle 95% of the country’s foreign trade.

The length of the Chilean coast allowed the construction of seaports along the entire coast. In the North, seaports are used mainly for the transport of minerals; in the Central area for agricultural products and the movement of containers; in the Southern area for wood-based products, while in the Austral area are mainly for transport.

San Antonio is the premier port of Chile and also the busiest facility on the western South American coastline. It lies just a little more than 100 kilometres from the capital Santiago in the central region.

Other major ports are:

  • Valparaiso
  • Coronel
  • Talcahuano/San Vicente
  • Lirquen
  • Iquique
  • Arica
  • Antofagasta
  • Austral

Sea Freight Cost to Chile

The average price to ship a 20ft container to Chile is from $3,000 to $5,000 US Dollars, while $5,000 to $8,000 for a 40ft container.

These are not the current or final price to ship your container, please request a rate for an updated price.

The cost of shipping to ship a container to Chile from China will vary depending on the type of sea container you chose to ship, the fuel price (BAF), the dimensions and weight of the cargo, the shipping company or steamship line you hire to send the container, the destination port in Chile, the location of your cargo in China from where you plan to export it to Chile, and what route you choose to ship your container, if it is a direct route or with transshipment.

Only once we have that information we will be able to more accurately estimate the costs to ship your container to Chile from China.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to ship goods from China to Chile, one of the best options is less-than-containerload consolidation or LCL shipping. It allows you to ship smaller cargo loads and share the container space, and costs, with other shipping heading to the same destination port. It’s a good option for companies that lack the volume to ship in more cost-effective full container loads.

Sea Freight Transit Time to Chile

The average transit time to ship a container to Chile is 40-45 days.

We arrange your transport by sea easily and quickly. From port to port or from door to door. Your transport and customs clearance will be completely taken care of by us. We make sure that you are completely taken care of, so that you are able to focus on your own business.

Air Freight from China to Chile

At CFC, we offer our clients personalised air freight service with Chile, meeting the highest quality standards. Our team is made up of professional air cargo experts, able to respond to critical, unforeseen situations and to provide reliable, quality service.

  • Express and courier services
  • Consolidated services
  • Customs clearance
  • Transport insurance
  • Door to airport delivery
  • Airport to door delivery
  • Airport to airport delivery
  • Door to door delivery

Top Air Freight Airport – Santiago Airport

Santiago Airport is officially known as the Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport (SCL), serving as the gateway to Chile’s bustling capital. It is Chile’s largest aviation facility and busiest international airport.

Air Freight Cost to Chile

Air transportation to Santiago is extremely reliable, and is often the preferred choice for time sensitive shipments. Many businesses rely on air logistic solutions to quickly deliver their goods from one location to another. It can be used for anything from delivery of emergency supplies to finished products that need to be delivered on time.

Because of its speed, air freight is often combined with ground transportation to Chile, to maximize efficiency and reduce overall shipping costs to Chile.

The rough air rate to Santiago is $5-8 USD per kilograms. Please note the price is for guide only and is subject to change without notice.

There are a lot of different airlines flying air freight from China to Santiago, so the chance of negotiating additional discounts is high. We have access to discounted rates on most of the airlines flying into Santiago. To get the lowest rates for air freight to Santiago, just fill in the simple quotation form.

Air Freight Transit Time to Chile

The direct air transit cost 1-2 days, while the economical air route usually takes 7-10 days.

Here’s a chart showing different routes from Hong Kong to Santiago from different airlines.

American AirlinesHKG-HND/NRT-LAX/DFW-SCL
British AirwaysHKG-LHR-MAD-SCL
Avianca (El Salvador)HKG-LAX-BOG-SCL | HKG-MIA-BOG
Copa AirlinesHKG-NLU-PTY -SCL

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$3,000/40HQ, Apr. 15
$4,200/40HQ, May 1
$5,200/40HQ, May 15
$6,200/40HQ, Jun. 1
$7,200/40HQ, Jun. 15
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