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You are on the best way to ship from China .

As an international freight forwarder, we are serving both exporters in China and importers around the world.

We’ve seen more and more importers are seeking logistics solutions from local shipping companies like us, instead of from their supplier or freight forwarder in their countries.

They are benefiting from their choices.

We’d love to provide international logistics & transportation services to help more importers save time & money, so they can focus on more important work to do. Or just leverage more time to spend with their family.

In this blog we’ll share our knowledge and practical experiences about international shipping industry, especially for whose importing from China. Hope do some help to those who’re interested in international logistics and transportation.

Below shows you some of our popular posts.

Basic Guide

Tips & Tricks

Shipping by Region


We supply cargo and freight transportation solutions for all shipping needs from China, with competitive charges. As a customer-driven company, we will:

1. Keep You Informed
One way to help our customers feel confident is to keep them well informed each step of the shipping process. You’ll be the first to know what’s your status of your goods and what we are discussing with your supplier.

2. Offer Options and Suggest the Best
Having the ability to choose a preferred shipping options gives our customers an added sense of control. Not only regular carrier and route, but also a best suggestion at the right time.

3. ETA Notifications Accurately
Keeping the timing of arrival notifications as accurate as possible is an essential part of instilling confidence in our customers. ETA may delay due to objective reasons, but we’ll keep you noted so you can get ready for that.

4. Make It Personal
You are working together with a professional team, while you are communicating with a kind person. This helps our customers feel more confident that their cargo is in good hands.

You can use three online methods to get in touch with us. Pick the one you prefer.

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  • Comment below a blog post

Our lives have been enriched by the endless opportunities that you have allowed us to experience. We are ready to take the chance to make your life easier.

Hope we can work together soon!


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