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shipping from China

If you are importing from China, and looking for a competitive freight quote with reliable services, welcome aboard! You are right here.

As a professional and experienced China freight forwarder, we are both local and global. We keep focused on cargo shipping from China for domestic exporters and worldwide importers since 2003. Saving money & time, we are proud of what we are doing, and we are good at it.

You may define us as a B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer) supplier, that's correct. But we prefer P2P (Person to Person). We are alway trying to go the extra mile and think outside the box, for serving YOU better.

Shipping Services

- By sea, by air, by rail, by courier, and multimode ways

We help our clients transport China cargo to different destination in different countries, no matter it's FCL cargo (full container load), LCL cargo (less than container load), air cargo, rail cargo or express courier cargo.

Thanks to our worldwide partners and long good relationship with shipping lines, airlines, and other leading carriers, we're expert in:

  • Inland trucking from your supplier/manufacturer to the port or airport
  • Consolidation and warehouse storage at the port or airport
  • Booking container space from the most cost-effective carriers
  • Sea shipment FCL and LCL forwarding services to the world
  • Air shipment forwarding services to the world
  • Rail shipment forwarding services to Russia, Mongolia and Central Asia
  • Customs declaration, insurance, related paper work
  • And more to discover how we can benefit your supply chain management

Nowadays, freight forwarding is so much more than simply shipping cargo from one place to the next. Today they are full-service providers like us and can accommodate the needs of businesses and individuals alike.

No goods are too big or too small for us. From containers to cartons, from general types to dangerous types, everything everywhere in China needs international transportation, just come to us and name your destination. We'll get it done!

Shipping Rates

- Fast, simple, competitive

We will look for the best delivery route and seek quotes for each element of the transport, taking into consideration the optimum mix of speed and price.

We can offer cheap shipping rates for China cargo transportation, including:

  • Express courier rates to door
  • Air freight rates to worldwide airports
  • Ocean freight rates to worldwide ports
    FCL container rates and LCL conolidation rates
  • Rail freight rates to Russia, Mongolia and Central Asia
  • International shipping rates Port to Port, Airport to Airport, Door to Door

Our prices reflect an investment that results in true value for money.

Freight broker who quotes very low prices often subsidies their costs in some other way - like a reduced level of service or less care taken with your consignments, and conversely, who quote unusually high prices may be inefficient.

Customer Services

- Timely, customized , dependable, professional

1. Reliable and you can count on.

First and most of all reliability is the name of the game. Problems always happen, but rather than pointing out the obvious, you want to be informed about the problem and simultaneously be presented a solution.

2. Trustworthy and act in your best interest.

For a long-term forwarding relationship to work, you need to have trust in them. You should feel you can believe what they say and that they are interested in your success so you can have peace of mind and focus on other work challenges.

3. Informed on your individual requirements and needs.

There is no other business exactly like yours. Different industries have different requirements and everybody has different pain points. An ideal forwarder keeps in tune with their customers' evolving needs so they can deliver the services and expertise you need, when you need them and add value to their customers' supply chain.

4. Fair and honest pricing.

Cheaper is not always better and expensive is not always the best. Ideally your forwarding partner understands your requirements and does not price gouge. They should be sharing market information with you so you understand where shipping prices are and they should provide you with price and schedule options so that you can choose the solution you need.

5. Comprehensive suite of services and one-stop partner.

It includes booking, trucking, stowage and related documents, customs clearance, commodity inspection, insurance, packaging and labeling, consolidation and shipping container, issue bill of loading, clear all kinds of fees, surrender documents and settlement.

Get a free freight quote now!

Global transportation is one of the international trade processes that you both must deal with and absolutely do not want to have to deal with yourself.

To do a good job of freight shipping, one should be familiar with

  • port operations
  • logistics regulations
  • customs procedures
  • documents operation
  • geographical knowledge

An international freight forwarder knows how to make sure that the delivery process is executed as smoothly and efficient as possible, whether the cargo travels by any means. Their logistics management requires complex processes to achieve goals such as efficiency, environmental safety, and lower costs.

Leave it to the pros.

So if you are importing from China, or just about to do that, please feel free to contact us now and let's work together to improve your supply chain management.

To request a free shipping quote, click here and fill our quote form. It will take you one minute, but could save you up to 50%! Why not give yourself a try?

More than a china logistics company, we are your dependable business partner!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Check our blog to learn more about how to save cost and money when shipping from China!

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